About Us

Twenty 7even is a new fashion website, aiming to mix in the modern Arab and western cultures together and bring a new sense of fashion identity to the Middle East. We present a lot of the western trends by applying them to the lifestyle of the Middle Eastern youth and the Arabic language.

Our main motivation is to bring something new, to the tables of the fashion world in the Middle East and to allow the Arab youth to express themselves and their culture proudly. Our idea to start this website was inspired from constantly seeing all the fashion stores using the English, French and other western languages, but never the Arabic language on their clothing. So in order to implement some of the Arab culture into the modern fashion we have decided to create Twenty 7even. Twenty 7even aims to give the Arab youth a way of expressing themselves through their fashion, by using the beautiful Arabic language and other aspects of the Arab culture to make a statement, especially here in the UAE where fashion plays a large part in society .

The Twenty 7even company has a mission statement and a vision in providing our customers with top quality products, which will be long lasting in order to be consistent and provide our customers with the ultimate satisfaction with our products.

We hope you love our ideas and enjoy your shopping experience with us! is owned and managed by Ural International General Trading L.L.C